I’m McCall, a dedicated photographer & proud mother of four beautiful children. Being both a full-time mother and a business owner, my life is a chaotic and delightful mix of capturing precious moments while cherishing the joys of parenthood. Photography is my creative outlet, allowing me to freeze moments and preserve memories that will last a lifetime. As a mother, I understand the importance of capturing the fleeting stages of childhood. I’m constantly documenting my own children’s lives, ensuring that no moment goes unnoticed.

The joy of seeing my kids grow and change fuels my desire to do the same for others. Whether it’s through a wild family portrait, an intimate couples shoot, or a vibrant & messy outdoor session, my goal is to capture the essence and uniqueness of each individual I photograph, along with the shared interpersonal connections resonating throughout. I believe that every person has a story worth telling, and my passion lies in revealing the beauty, love, and authenticity that reside within. When I’m not behind the camera, you can find me staying active on the tennis court, mountain biking & skiing with my kids & husband. These activities fuel my spirit & bring balance to my life. Thank you for visiting my site! I hope that through my photography, you’ll be able to glimpse the joy, love & adventure that define my journey as a mother, lover & a photographer. 

“I like to photograph others before they know what their best angles are”